About New York City Limo service

For a customer looking to book a limousine, it is often hard to find a suitable service provider and information on their benefits and costs. This lack of guidance can often lead to ill judged decision making, and is often caused by a lack of communication between service providers and consumers. We at Times Square Limousine are aware of the need for interaction with our customers, and are always looking for new ways to reach out to them. With this in mind, we decided to set up the limo blog.

The limo blog is designed to keep existing and potential customers informed about our business. This ranges from information concerning our fleet and dispatch schedules right through to our rates and special offers, and helps to give our customers the bigger picture when looking to book their limousine service. Having all of the necessary information is key to making a good decision, and making sure that you receive the best possible value for your hard earned dollar.

This is even more relevant around the holiday periods, where our customers are constantly seeking additional value for their money. With special events like Christmas and Valentines Day upcoming, we will be updating our costs and discount information accordingly, and these special offers will allow you to enjoy the luxury of limousine travel at a reduced rate. Only by being aware of our discounts can you fully take advantage of them.

Whether you require a limousine for an airport transfer (and we provide services from JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports) or simply wish to travel from A to B in optimum comfort and luxury, we can provide a service to suit your needs. We at Times Square Limousine have vehicles suitable for weddings, proms, and even seeing the wonderful sights of New York City for the very first time, all accompanied by a professional and courteous service.

So whatever your limousine requirements, we at Times Square Limousine have the tools to meet them. By checking our limo blog regularly, you can make sure that you not only get the best possible deal for your New York City limousine experience, but also make sure that you aware of all our future news and plans. We aim to turn all new customers into repeat customers, so keep in touch with out blog and make the most of all our offers and concessions.

We at Times Square Limousine decided to set up the limoblog to provide our customers and potential clients with most correct and helpful information about our vehicles, rates, dispach schedule, etc. Also in the upcoming events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and any other holiday we will make an updates on our discounts.  Whether  you need  a limo for your JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airport transfer

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