The Evolution of Limos – Creating a Better Class of Taxi’s?

In the wake of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to legalize the hailing of limousine vehicles from the sidewalk, there has been a significant fall out amongst the traditional taxi industry and lawmakers. Under the legislation, limousines and livery cabs would be able to collect fares from the sidewalk without any prior booking, and given their benefits of style and luxurious travel this would have caused great issues amongst taxi drivers and operators in New York. After uproar amongst mini-cab operators however, a compromise is being prepared that may satisfy everyone involved.
The city of New York is now considering the prospect of creating a brand new class of yellow cabs, which would fall between traditional taxis and the superior service offered by limousine company’s. They would not be allowed to collect fares from the busy and contested borough of Manhattan, but would instead be licensed to do so from other areas of they city. In effect, these vehicles will be marked with special medallions, and should infuse the quality and reliability of a limousine journey into an existing yellow taxi vehicle.
With Mayor Bloomberg being an amid supporter of limousines and the service providers by their operators, it is clear that he is aiming to create an improved taxi service for his citizens. When you consider the benefits offered by limo companies in terms of the quality of vehicle, service and professionalism it is a sensible goal, and one which emphasizes how far the industry has progressed in the last decade. If the latest plans are approved in New York, then it will be the evolution of the limousine service which will be responsible for creating a better class of taxi’s being available for hire.

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