Cracking Down on Prom Night Drinking in NYC

The Prom Night is a significant part of American heritage, and has stood as a coming of age tradition in the states for decades. It is a time of wonder and excitement for those involved, but unfortunately these occasions are often marred by acts of stupidity or illegal drinking which can ruin the event for all involved. This has led to a second consecutive annual crackdown by Nassau County TLC and the local police in New York, whereby officers are allowed to attend the event and even inspect prom bound limousines and party buses for illegal alcohol and liquor.

More than $60,000 was issued by the TLC in fines during 2010, after bottles of alcohol and illegal substances were found in many vehicles, meaning that the problem has threatened to escalate rather than head towards a resolution. One of the Nassau County TLC’s first thoughts was to place the burden of responsibility on each individuals NYC limo service, so that it was their role to inspect their own vehicles and ensure that each was clear of illegal substances. With this in mind, there are serious sanctions for any limo service providers or drivers in NYC who fail to prevent illegal drinking in their vehicle.

Any NYC limo found carrying alcohol on Prom Night will be immediately impounded under the new crackdown, while drivers face the prospect of losing their license. When you consider the numerous fines that are also associated with such an offense, then it is clearly beneficial to the limousine service provider in question to protect themselves and the public from the dangers of Prom Night excess. This should provide extra reassurance to parents and guardians of their adolescent children, so that everyone can relax, travel to the prom in safety as well as luxury and enjoy the defining night of their young lives to date.

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