Getting the Most from the JKF Limousine Service

For any of you have ever traveled or visited far flung and exotic locations, you will know the long and often tiring process of your final flight home. This is not only physically draining and disruptive to your body clock, but can also bring feelings of sadness and regret that your fabulous excursion abroad is coming to a close. As a consumer however, you can at least take steps to enjoy a relaxing and scenic limousine journey from the airport to your New York City home, by making the most of our many affordable JKF limousine service packages.

Why Hire a Limo To Take You Home?

In terms of practicality, it is a no-brainer to hire a limousine. They can be booked well in advance to ensure your piece of mind, and also negate the need to stand in the chilled New York air trying to frantically hail a mini-cab. The unexpected bonus is the affordability of booking a JFK limousine, especially if your are in a family or group that are returning home from a vacation. The packages on offer can actually save you money, and offer an overalll traveling arrangement that is far more appealing than hiring a taxi or minibus.

For example, a 6 passenger limousine can be hired for a total of $157.40, which is an all inclusive cost including drivers tip and a professional meet and greet service. This rate improves even further for large traveling groups, and 10 passengers can be transported together in a single trip for a total expenditure of $209.00. If you consider the rising cost of gas and the increasing fares of mini-cabs over shorter traveling distances, it becomes clear that a vastly superior journey experience can be purchased for a barely higher cost.

Other Special JFK Limousine Services

Of course, other JFK Limousine packages exist to make the idea of limousine travel even more appealing to the consumer. For example, a round trip starting from JFK can cost 6 passengers just $299, and ultimately saves time and money over those who use the services of several different mini-cabs. For those of you are in a more intimate party but wish to procure a round trip from JFK, a 3 seated luxury Sedan can be booked to courier your small group for an affordable cost of just $199.

In addition to these marvelous online packages, a New York Sightseeing Tour package from JKF is also available for just $289.00. This affords you and your party 2 hours uninterrupted travel through the city of New York, taking in renowned sights such as Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Lincoln Center, Central Park and many, many more. Ideal for tourists or those of you who wish to recall the splendor of New York and its attractions, not even the cities traffic can stop enjoying a unique and luxurious trip.

Traveling Together to Get Value for Money

If you have spent a long and enjoyable trip in the company of your family and friends, it seems a shame to spend your final journey home either scrambling for taxis or being segregated in different vehicles. The JFK Limousine Services allow you to enjoy one final journey together through the city of New York, and one that is both relaxing and luxurious in its nature. Booking a limousine to courier you from JFK to home not only makes sound practical sense, but is now also one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to travel from A to B.

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