The Limousine Industry in NYC: Exploring New Ways to Make Money in 2012

The limo industry is one that continues to evolve, especially in the cosmopolitan city of New York. Given this, it is no surprise that limousine should be at the center of numerous innovations, which seek to improve the way in which services are marketed and the number of revenue streams that they create. One of the most significant of these is the idea that a limousine could become a mobile marketing tool, which advertises a chosen brand to both passengers and pedestrians who walk alongside the vehicle.

This concept has already been trialed in the UK, where for hire vehicles in London have partnered with leading brands to offer both market research and marketing services. As an example, these vehicles would operate routes between shopping malls and city centers, while passengers would be encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts on specific brands during their journey. Not only this, but the vehicle itself would be used as a mobile branding and marketing tool, which promotes a company and their specific product or service. The inclusion of televisions or iPads in private hire vehicles is another step towards this, as they create an interactive method of marketing to passengers.

This is not the only innovation influencing the limousine and private hire industry, as brands are becoming increasingly keen to make their mark in a competitive market. With advertising space at a premium, companies are keen to find room where possible, and blank segments or the reverse side of consumer receipts have emerged as viable options. So in effect, limousine service providers could sell any space that they have on their booking receipts, and make additional revenue on every sales transaction that they complete.

These innovations show the huge potential of the limousine industry, and how brands are beginning to understand the value that limos can offer to their company as marketing tools. Now widely used for a variety of different journey types, limousines give organizations access to a huge captive audience, who cover many social demographics across the country. As limo services in NYC embrace these new marketing methods and become more profitable, they can develop their fleets and hopefully offer an even greater service to its hard working customers.

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