The Modernization of the Limousine Industry

The limousine industry has been the subject of a continual evolution throughout the last decade, as it has grown from a niche social mode of transportation to a sector that can serve both corporate and practical requirements. It is now also emerging into the world of technology, with several national hire companies introducing mobile applications which allow users to book a vehicle while on the move. These limousine hire apps give their clients 24 hour access to chauffer driven vehicles from their mobile devices of choice, and make the booking process easier than ever for consumers.

Many limousine companies are choosing to offer their app as a free download to their customers, with different versions available on the iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone devices. While it delivers obvious benefits in terms of making limousine reservations in advance, the primary function of these applications is to enable users to hire a vehicle on the spot and immediately. This is especially useful given recent developments in New York, where legislation has now been passed to ensure that limousine vehicles can be hailed from the sidewalk and hired without an advance booking.

As many of the apps offer the option for users to type in their location and select from a list of viable service providers in the area, the concept is set to become popular nationwide and is even beginning to be incorporated by more regional US outlets. It is yet another step in the rising popularity of limousine vehicles throughout the USA, and in addition to the practical benefits of limo hire and the local authority backing to make limousines the taxi’s of tomorrow, is sure to see the number of advance and on the spot booking rise steeply in the coming months.

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