Hailing an NYC Limo from your Sidewalk

Limousines in NYC have become an increasingly competitive mode of transportation for citizens, as they have evolved over time to suit many different purposes. Of course, as this has happened their popularity has grown, so that service providers have also been able to reduce their costs in line with the rising demand. The combination of luxury vehicles and high quality service offered by New York limo companies has left them well placed in the public transport market, especially as fuel prices have continued to soar alongside the rising taxi cab fare rates. Further to this, NYC Mayor Bloomberg is a known supporter of livery cabs and limousine service providers, and his recent campaigning has secured a crucial advantage for them over their yellow cab rivals.

Whereas livery cabs and limousines have historically been considered as private hire vehicles that could only be booked in advance of a collection, Mayor Bloomberg has recently secured them the rights to pick up passengers from certain sidewalks. This was granted in the face of stern protests from the taxi drivers of NYC, and allows the cities limo service providers the opportunity to compete for an even greater share of revenue. The new legislation will apply to Upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs of New York, and further advance the evolution of limousines as a practical and accessible method of traveling throughout the city.

So what does this mean for public transport in NYC? Well it certainly advances limousines and NYC limo services them the number one of choice of travelers in the US, whether a passenger requires a party bus for their bachelor party or an immaculately maintained 3 seat Sedan to complete an airport transfer. It also places limousine companies in New York a step closer to fulfilling practical and everyday travel arrangements, and forcing the traditional yellow cab further towards obscurity.

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Introducing the Taxi of Tomorrow

In the wake of the hard fought and much publicized ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ competition in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg finally announced that the NV200 designed by Nissan had been selected as the ultimate winner. The contest, which encouraged auto manufacturers and designers to create designs for a purpose built New York minicab, offers a unique opportunity to the winner to become the taxi of tomorrow and serve the NYC streets for the following decade. So how exactly does the new design take shape, and what does it mean for passengers in NYC?

Firstly, the Nissan NV200, which won with a staggering 76 percent of the vote, affords its customers a far more luxurious and stylish traveling experience. Drawing from the recent rise in popularity and usage in limo services in NYC, the designers of the NV200 have created a vehicle that delivers enhanced legroom and additional space for passengers or their luggage. Similarly their vehicle offers ease of access and comfort to their users, and appeal to a greater set of potential customers. Of course no modern vehicle can be created without a consideration for energy efficiency, and this model reverse the trend of taxis in recent years, where fuel prices and consumption saw fares rise steeply over shorter traveling distances.

For passengers, this development and the creation of a purpose built vehicle will enable taxi’s to become more competitive in a market that they once dominated. Mayor Bloomberg is known as a supporter of livery cabs, New York limousines and private hire vehicles as they provide a more efficient service to their customers, and his aim is to transfer this into the performance of the traditional yellow cabs. The Nissan NV200 is clearly a designed to improve the experience of travelers in NYC, and ensure that every public vehicle that couriers passengers for a fare is entirely fit for purpose.

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Cracking Down on Prom Night Drinking in NYC

The Prom Night is a significant part of American heritage, and has stood as a coming of age tradition in the states for decades. It is a time of wonder and excitement for those involved, but unfortunately these occasions are often marred by acts of stupidity or illegal drinking which can ruin the event for all involved. This has led to a second consecutive annual crackdown by Nassau County TLC and the local police in New York, whereby officers are allowed to attend the event and even inspect prom bound limousines and party buses for illegal alcohol and liquor.

More than $60,000 was issued by the TLC in fines during 2010, after bottles of alcohol and illegal substances were found in many vehicles, meaning that the problem has threatened to escalate rather than head towards a resolution. One of the Nassau County TLC’s first thoughts was to place the burden of responsibility on each individuals NYC limo service, so that it was their role to inspect their own vehicles and ensure that each was clear of illegal substances. With this in mind, there are serious sanctions for any limo service providers or drivers in NYC who fail to prevent illegal drinking in their vehicle.

Any NYC limo found carrying alcohol on Prom Night will be immediately impounded under the new crackdown, while drivers face the prospect of losing their license. When you consider the numerous fines that are also associated with such an offense, then it is clearly beneficial to the limousine service provider in question to protect themselves and the public from the dangers of Prom Night excess. This should provide extra reassurance to parents and guardians of their adolescent children, so that everyone can relax, travel to the prom in safety as well as luxury and enjoy the defining night of their young lives to date.

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Following the Safety Rules in a New York Limousine

While we may not all be a fan of or follow the rules, the majority exist to protect us and our fellow citizens from harm. Consumer safety is especially important, as companies have a legal and financial duty to protect their customers against injury or danger while using their services. If service providers do not enforce their rules or maintain their clients safety, then they run the risk of suffering vast financial losses while also having their reputation tarnished amongst their customer base.

New York Prom Limousines and Customer Safety

Limousine service providers are a case in point, especially those that cater to social occasions and enjoyable nights out. If you assess New York Prom limousines as an example, then you have a vehicle that is hired to carry young and potentially vulnerable members of society to the defining occasion of their adolescent lives. This is undeniably an exciting and meaningful occasion, and can lead to unfortunate instances of excess in terms of alcohol and drug abuse or general behavior.

Of course, a limousine service providers has a duty of care over their passengers while they are in their vehicle, and as such has regulations in place to help maintain a clean standard of fun. So a limousine vehicle hired for a prom night will have no alcohol on board at all, and it is the providers and individual drivers obligation to ensure that no alcohol or drugs are consumed while in transit. This not only protects the minors on board, but also serves to make sure that general safety and the companies reputation is maintained.

Rules About General Behavior

An occasion like a high school prom night should be celebrated as the rite of passage that it is intended to be, but these rules exist to protect everyone involved in the evening. Aside from regulating alcohol and drug consumption in a prom limousine, service providers must also police the general behavior that takes places while the car is in transit. This not only protects the car, operator and other road users from damage or potential accidents, but also from the financial repercussions of ill behavior.

So while high spirited fun and games are part and parcel of any limousine duty, certain behavior should be restricted at all costs. For example, a passenger cannot be allowed to lean or hang themselves out of a window while the car is in motion, as this is not only physically dangerous but can also compromise a service providers license in the event of an accident. Similarly, the driver must remain unhindered or distracted during the journey, and passengers must remain in the back of the vehicle for the duration.

No Need to Ruin a Great Night Out

A prom night is an outstanding occasion in New York, and hiring a New York prom limousine is an accepted part of the grand tradition. Rules that restrict alcohol or drug consumption and excessively bad behavior exist not to spoil your enjoyment of the occasion, but to enhance it and make sure that it is celebrated both responsibly and with due consideration for others. Without these rules, a great night may be ruined and a once in a lifetime occasion tarnished.

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Getting the Most from the JKF Limousine Service

For any of you have ever traveled or visited far flung and exotic locations, you will know the long and often tiring process of your final flight home. This is not only physically draining and disruptive to your body clock, but can also bring feelings of sadness and regret that your fabulous excursion abroad is coming to a close. As a consumer however, you can at least take steps to enjoy a relaxing and scenic limousine journey from the airport to your New York City home, by making the most of our many affordable JKF limousine service packages.

Why Hire a Limo To Take You Home?

In terms of practicality, it is a no-brainer to hire a limousine. They can be booked well in advance to ensure your piece of mind, and also negate the need to stand in the chilled New York air trying to frantically hail a mini-cab. The unexpected bonus is the affordability of booking a JFK limousine, especially if your are in a family or group that are returning home from a vacation. The packages on offer can actually save you money, and offer an overalll traveling arrangement that is far more appealing than hiring a taxi or minibus.

For example, a 6 passenger limousine can be hired for a total of $157.40, which is an all inclusive cost including drivers tip and a professional meet and greet service. This rate improves even further for large traveling groups, and 10 passengers can be transported together in a single trip for a total expenditure of $209.00. If you consider the rising cost of gas and the increasing fares of mini-cabs over shorter traveling distances, it becomes clear that a vastly superior journey experience can be purchased for a barely higher cost.

Other Special JFK Limousine Services

Of course, other JFK Limousine packages exist to make the idea of limousine travel even more appealing to the consumer. For example, a round trip starting from JFK can cost 6 passengers just $299, and ultimately saves time and money over those who use the services of several different mini-cabs. For those of you are in a more intimate party but wish to procure a round trip from JFK, a 3 seated luxury Sedan can be booked to courier your small group for an affordable cost of just $199.

In addition to these marvelous online packages, a New York Sightseeing Tour package from JKF is also available for just $289.00. This affords you and your party 2 hours uninterrupted travel through the city of New York, taking in renowned sights such as Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Lincoln Center, Central Park and many, many more. Ideal for tourists or those of you who wish to recall the splendor of New York and its attractions, not even the cities traffic can stop enjoying a unique and luxurious trip.

Traveling Together to Get Value for Money

If you have spent a long and enjoyable trip in the company of your family and friends, it seems a shame to spend your final journey home either scrambling for taxis or being segregated in different vehicles. The JFK Limousine Services allow you to enjoy one final journey together through the city of New York, and one that is both relaxing and luxurious in its nature. Booking a limousine to courier you from JFK to home not only makes sound practical sense, but is now also one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to travel from A to B.

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Why Book a LaGuardia Limousine Service?

Wherever you have traveled from in the world, arriving at the grandeur of LaGuardia airport is a wonderful experience. With this in mind, it is important to start your US vacation in the best possible frame of mind, and ensure that you get out the most for your hard earned money. By taking advantage of our vast range of affordable LaGuardia Limousine Service packages that are on offer, you can christen your vacation with a luxurious travel experience without straining your resources or travel budget.

Travel in Affordable Style

A typical family or group holiday to New York may boast a party of anywhere between 3 and 8 passengers, and it is important for the purpose of the holiday that this group remains together for the duration of the trip. This is where LaGuardia limousines come into their own, as they can courier all of the passengers in a single trip and at an extremely affordable rate of expenditure. The discounts and level of value actually improve for larger traveling groups, so you can travel with both logistical and financial peace of mind.

Should your group hire a 6 seater limousine for the trip from LaGuardia airport into the very heart of New York, it will cost you just $144.50. This works out just $24 per individual traveler, which is eminently good value when you consider the quality of the vehicle, the service and the assurances offered by the pre-booking process. A party of 10 passengers may book a LaGuardia Limousine package for just $196.10., which is an even more astounding rate of less than $20 per person.

Alternative Value for Money Deals

Of course, not all vacations to New York involve group travel, and the city is one of the most romantic and historical in the world for couples to visit. By utilizing our LaGuardia Limousine Services, you and your partner can travel from the airport to your hotel of choice in a luxury Sedan for just $92.90, taking in the wonderful sights of the city and affording a memorable start to your holiday.

Round trips can also be booked at affordable rates, saving you valuable spending money while also taking care of your intricate airport transfer details with a single phone call. For example, your 6 passenger party can secure a round trip between LaGuardia airport and your hotel for a minimal $259, while smaller groups and travelers and couples can book the same trip in a quality luxury Sedan vehicle for just $169. In essence, you can make your trip more enjoyable and easier without vast expenditure, and this is perhaps the most important feature of all for the traveler.

Securing your Travel Arrangements and Peace of Mind

Our LaGuardia airport limousine service delivers you a stylish mode of transportation at an affordable rate, regardless of whether you are traveling in a small or large group of revelers. These packages of travel serve and cater to all of the major hotels in the city of New York, meaning that regardless of your final destination you can be transported in optimum luxury and classical style. Above all, they give you the opportunity to start your holiday in the best possible way, and without the need to make a large financial outlay.

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Booking a Limousine for Your Wedding?

There is a common perception of limousines as large and expensive to hire vehicles, used largely for group travel and events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties. However, this view is largely misplaced in the contemporary consumer world, as they are actually multi-purpose vehicles that can suit a wide range of events and individual needs. For example, NYC Limousines boast a range of vehicles that can suit wedding day travel arrangements, either couriering the bride, the groom or any number of the affiliated parties, and can lend their stylish luxury to your day without breaking the nuptial budget.

Aside from the instantly recognizable and renowned stretch and hummer vehicles, and the party buses that can courier up to 55 passengers for the duration an evening, New York City Limousines boast several cars that can provide 2 or 3 individuals with an intimate travel experience. These include Rolls Royce and Rolls Royce Phantom models, which are classically designed cars that are completely compatible for use in wedding day travel. In fact, they are utilized almost exclusively for this purpose, as they combine impeccable appearance with an experience that is both personal and unique to your very special occasion.

These vehicles are notoriously rare, and this is what makes them ultimately so suitable to wedding day travel. Your wedding day is supposed to be the single most significant and special day in your life, and every aspect of its preparation must be considered to provide an experience that is unique to your individual tastes. NYC Limos understands this, which is why their diverse range of cars are available to transport you and your partner through out the duration of your wedding day. Not only this, but they are available at a very affordable cost, and can therefore be hired without doing any damage to your specific budget. So, why not hire a small piece of affordable luxury for your wedding, and make add just a little more glamour to your special day?

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Why Use a Limousine for Your Prom Night?

A prom night is one of the most special and exciting events in a teenagers young life, and if you are awaiting yours then you will probably be bristling with anticipation. With so many decisions to make about outfit, dates and transportation, it also a busy time, and one which requires a close attention to detail. In terms of your travel, you will need to find something that is as stylish and practical as it is affordable, and also suited to carrying a small group of travellers in a safe and responsible manner. To this end, New York City Limousines are well placed to give enhance your prom night experience, and for a reasonable and thoughtful cost to boot.

Limousines are unique in the world of hire vehicles, and afford a combination of beneficial features like no other mode of transport. With a diverse and stylish range of immaculate vehicles, NYC Limos can carry any group of travellers in luxury, while also providing experienced and courteous drivers who are well versed with the busy and compact streets of New York. Not only this, but when you consider the rising cost of fuel and mini cab fares, its is a far more affordable and convenient option than having a parent or taxi courier you to your destination.

Perhaps the biggest concern in the contemporary world is safety, and parents deserve to send their children to their prom night safely and with their minds at rest. New York City Limousines enable them to do this, while not hindering your own enjoyment of the night in the process. With vehicles that can be hired for the evening and carry you and your friends between home and the venue with a minimum of fuss, you can concentrate on enjoying your evening while your parents have no need to be concerned about your safety or well being. All in all, it is a package that offers a full range of benefits to its customers, and is entirely compatible with your prom night experience.

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Taking a Limousine from New York to Atlantic City

We live in a time where money is scarce, where even the most standard of activities can cost inflated amounts of money. With this in mind, consumers are continuing to strive to receive the maximum value for their money, even if it means seeking out something new and diverse to suit their needs. Travel is an excellent example of this, as soaring gas prices and an increase in taxi fares are making it difficult to own or hire a cost effective vehicle, forcing consumers to look beyond accepted practice and consider using limousines as a viable mode of transport.
The Perfect Vehicle for a Special Occasion
This is especially true where a vehicle is required for a special occasion, as limousines have always carried a tremendous sense of style and luxurious comfort. Given that these vehicles can now be sourced at an extremely affordable rates and deliver an exceptional service and travelling experience, it is little wonder that they are fast becoming the premier option for group travel and special nights out. Whether you are heading to a broadway show with your partner or to the casino with your friends, there is a vehicle and a package to suit your requirements.
A casino in particular is perfectly suited to what limousines can offer, especially given the fun and extravagance associated with a night out in Atlantic city. The casinos of this region are strongly affiliated with glamour and luxury, as well providing their visitors with a great deal of excitement. Limousines fit perfectly with this criteria, and contribute strongly to the feel good factor surrounding you and your guests, setting the tone for a special and potentially lucrative evening. Not only this, but there is such a wide range of vehicles to choose from that a group of anywhere of between 3 and 30 can take a specified trip, making them the ideal choice for bachelor or birthday parties.
Price and Cost Effective Travel
If you live in New York especially, then there has never been a better time to secure a limousine for a trip to Atlantic City, for though fuel prices climb the cost of limousine travel continues to fall in comparison. For example, a large party of 30 can book a New York City Limousine for a round trip to the many casinos of Atlantic city, for a standard price of just $83 each. When you consider the amount of taxis it would cost to courier this party of revellers, alongside the cost or inconvenience it would incur, then the concept of limousine travel becomes something that benefits every aspect of your planning and overall experience.
For smaller parties the rates are equally competitive, with a vast range vehicles from 6 passenger limousines to a 10 seater vans available at rates of approximately $75 per guest, each driven by knowledgeable and courteous drivers who know the areas that they traverse intimately. This professional and reliable service also removes any logistical concerns for your casino excursion, allowing you to concentrate solely on your trip and enjoying the entire experience. So, if you are planning a trip to the casinos of Atlantic city, booking a New York Limousine is a significant step to getting the maximum value for you hard earned money.

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Hiring a Limousine for Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is one of the most special days in the calendar year, and allows individuals to show their partners exactly how much they love and think of them. Therefore, it is important to plan something special for your better half, by seeking to wine and dine them in a manner befitting the occasion. To this end, limousine travel has become a significant part of many people Valentines Day plans and considerations, and is fast becoming one of the most cost effective ways through which to create a wow factor to suit the purpose of the day.
What a Way to Mark a Special Occasion
Even before you address the practical and financial benefits of hiring a limousine for your valentines day travel, you should consider the luxury and status that is associated with these vehicles. They are designed in many different shapes and sizes, and contrary to the perception of them as large people carriers, you can hire a vehicle that is both stylish and intimate to suit your needs. Imagine you and your partner, sharing a drink and laughter as you travel the streets of New York City, revelling in each others company and the celebration of your love.
By selecting a smaller, more compact vehicle you can retain all the luxury and quality service affiliated with a limousine, while still sharing a romantic space with the person that you love. Not only this, but you and your date can be transported from venue to venue in relaxed comfort and style, safe in the hands of a courteous and professional service provider. In truth, there is no finer way to mark a special occasion or create a favorable impression on your date, especially given the often difficult task of traversing the busy New York streets.
A Practical Solution
While limousine travel has always had a particular luxury status associated with it, the virtues of its practicality and cost effectiveness are less well understood. Despite, it is fast emerging as the most viable option for group travel or special events, and offers a diverse range of vehicles in addition to a personal driver and service. Sourcing a limousine allows you to take care of the functional arrangements long before the date itself, ensuring that you can focus all of your attention onto your partner and their needs when the time comes.
As an example, if you were to decide to take in a show and then enjoy a romantic dinner for two, a booked limousine would be able to collect you promptly from your destination at a specified time, and allow you to be couriered through the city while enjoying a drink and the crisp, night air. Similarly, you would have no need to wait for taxi cabs on busy pedestrian sidewalks, as your driver will be parked close by and waiting for you for the duration of the evening. Put simply, the logistical and less romantic features of your special evening are taken care of with a single telephone call before the date itself.
The Most Cost Effective Option
Of course, cost effectiveness is a major concern in our current economy, and the many misconceptions about limousine travel may well lead many to not pursue limousine travel as a suitable option. However, as gas prices continue to soar and mini cab fares also rise out of proportion with their services, limousine travel is well established as the transport mode which offers the most value for consumer money. Your valentines day plans are likely to be centred around creating romance within a specific budget, and limousine travel in New York has never been better placed to suit these requirements.

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